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Natural Capital Account (2019) & Natural Capital Assessment (2017)

Natural Capital Account (May 2019)

This report presents a natural capital account for the proposed Tresham Garden Village development in East Northamptonshire and was commissioned by East Northamptonshire Council.

Using a natural capital accounting framework, the assessment aimed to identify and assess natural capital assets (asset register) with and without the development, the flow of services from them (physical flow account), and the monetary value of the resultant benefits (monetary flow account). The net ecosystem service benefits were then established (natural capital balance sheet), taking into account the costs of creating and maintaining the natural capital assets (capital and maintenance costs account).

Overall, the net value of the natural capital assets under the masterplan would be £14.03M, an increase of £12.08M compared to the baseline. Recreation, physical health and air quality regulation provide the greatest benefits, although all natural capital benefits increase, with the exception of agricultural production. However, the vast majority of the benefits delivered by the site would be in the form of public benefits.

Natural Capital Assessment (December 2017)

This report presents the results of a project to carry out a natural capital and ecosystem services assessment of Tresham Garden Village, a proposed major housing and community development in East Northamptonshire.

The masterplan is delivering a net increase in ecosystem services, but these benefits could be increased further. It is recommended that the changes suggested during the stakeholder workshop should be included in the final version of the design. Further recommendations are provided based on the outcomes of the assessment. These are focused around adding street trees, especially along the main roads in the village, enhancing public access and connections between the surrounding greenspaces, fully integrating SuDS into the detailed design, and restoring Langley Coppice to good condition.

This project has demonstrated how a natural capital and ecosystem services approach can be applied to the planning and development process in regard to a major development. It has been useful at raising awareness and demonstrating the multiple benefits that can be achieved by fully considering the natural environment in development plans, engaging with stakeholders, highlighting how the masterplan design can be improved to enhance benefits, and ultimately, providing an assessment of the net impact of the development on the natural environment and the benefits that it provides.


Publication Date: May 2019