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Local Development Scheme for North Northamptonshire (at April 2017)

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Each Local Authority is required to produce, and keep up-to-date, a Local Development Scheme (LDS) specifying the documents that will comprise the Local Plan for the area. The Joint Planning Unit co-ordinates the preparation of a compiled LDS document for the four District/Borough Councils and the Joint Committee.

The adopted JCS (July 2016) forms “Part 1” of the North Northamptonshire Local Plan, ensuring that each of the partner Councils has met the Government’s target for authorities to have an up-to-date Local Plan by 2017. The partner Councils are now working on their Part 2 Local Plans.

Detailed timetables for preparing the Part 2 Local Plans have been published by the LPAs who have each updated their individual LDS, and a summary is provided through the attached file.

Further information is available on the respective Council websites below:


East Northamptonshire



These websites will set out the latest LDS position, including any future updates to the timetable of the relevant plans. The compiled LDS will be revised periodically on the JPU website.

Revision Date: June 2017

Publication Date: June 2017